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Brand development

Our graphic designers can help your company brand in so many ways. Graphic design is utilised in so many of our services

Your brand, your voice

Developing your business identity with graphic design

Your brand is the voice of your company. It speaks to customers about what you do, why you’re different from everyone else and how they should spend their money with you.

Your branding influences who buys your products or services, where they buy them, and when they buy them. A strong brand can elevate a business to greater heights of success.

Our graphic designers are well versed in consistent brand methodologies. Whether that’s creating a new one or following established guidelines.

Graphic design for corporate identity

Logo design is just one piece of your branding jigsaw

Looking for a company logo or updating an existing one? Let our graphic designers create an identity that’s versatile and synonymous with your company ideals.

Your company brand sets the tone for everything you do, from the colours in your company logo to the tone of voice in the content of your blog. This doesn’t have to be a noose that strangles the freedom within your business, it provides consistency and unity that your customers can instantly recognise as you.

Branding - Corporate Identity
Logo Design
Branding - Brochure Design

Graphic design for printed documents

Brochures, leaflets – marketing collateral

We may be pushing forward with the digital world at a lightning pace, but we still love to flick through glossy brochures right? As Perth-based graphic designers, we still create a lot of graphic artwork for printed documents. Print is still very much alive, even with the global push for paperless formats.

Our part in this process, the design, remains constant, our vast experience in the creation of both online and printed material means that you can rest assured that the output will be fit for purpose.

In fact, when we create any type of printed collateral we always recommend that our clients maximise the ROI on production and repurpose the content across multiple web properties. Content is still king. If it’s good content!

Graphic design for brand guides

We design style guides that employees love adhering to

A style guide is an essential tool for any business. Brand guides are essential if you wish to promote a consistent message to your audience across all platforms.

Worry no more about what colors go where, or which fonts are most appropriate. The brand book does it for you! Your employees can focus on what they do best.

Developing a style guide has many benefits including saving time, reducing costs, improving consistency, increasing professionalism among other things. For these reasons alone, developing a company-wide brand book should be at the top of every company’s priority list!

Consistent Branding

Graphic design can help conversion

We create engaging content

Our graphic designers are utilised across most of our services, non more so than in our content marketing service. There are many facets to the content marketing process, it can involve a range of media.

The trick is nailing the appropriate media for your audience and the search intent. Lucky for you we are experts in both the research and production processes and create content that performs.

Graphic design obviously plays a major role in our web design process, whether that’s the general look of the website or creating its content. Content is still king when it comes to generating traffic and building a solid reputation in your marketplace. Having a fabulous web design is all well and good but it ain’t going to do much for you without good content. Fighting to get eyeballs on your content and convert traffic is all made easier with good graphic design.

Designing Good Content
Branding - Graphics on vehicles

Graphic design for signage

Extend your brand visibility with branded company vehicles

The importance of branding is greater than ever and many companies use vehicle graphics as part of their marketing strategy. It’s a very cost effective method of advertising, as there is just the initial outlay for the design and graphics application. The vehicle then effectively becomes a company display banner in front of many thousands of eyes in your local area.

This is an ideal opportunity to present your message, promote the brand and create awareness of your products or services.

Graphic design for social media

Build authority and trust with consistent branding

In recent years, social media has been a staple in most marketing campaigns. Whether it is for business or personal use, the importance of social media cannot be ignored. However, many people do not realize that graphic design can be used to make their social media more effective.

Designing images and logos for your profile will help you stand out from other users on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others by creating a unique brand identity that distinguishes you from the competition. In addition to standing out amongst your peers, using graphics also helps with branding which is one of the keys to success in any type of marketing campaign. Combining eye-catching graphics with text-based posts is far more attractive to the viewer than text alone and will encourage engagement.