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Technical & commercial illustration


Our Perth based illustrators are an extremely talented bunch of artists, who are very experienced in creating illustrations for a broad market.


Illustrations are a great way to to convey your message and clarify meaning when written content is not enough. It’s also an excellent tool to maintain engagement with online content. This, in turn, lowers bounce rates and assists in ranking improvements. Areas in which we create illustrations for our clients include:

  • Technical illustration for publications
  • Infographics
  • Diagrams for assembly instructions
  • Commercial illustrations for content marketing
  • Floor plans
  • Assets for animations


We create illustrations when photography would be too time consuming to set up. The artistic license available when illustrating means that boundaries can be pushed and elements changed to bring clarity to an otherwise complicated subject matter.


For some time now, infographics have been an extremely valuable tool for many aspects of online marketing and SEO.

A good illustrator can create an informational graphic from content in an article that conveys the subject matter in an easy to understand, visual format.

These info graphics work for you in several ways:

  • Firstly, they break up long paragraphs of text, making the page more pleasing to the eye of the visitor and this in turn lowers bounce rates.
  • This means more time spent on the page, Google likes this and potentially rewards the page with higher rankings.
  • A good infographic on cornerstone content can also attract external links from other webmasters, which in turn is rewarded with higher rankings from Google.
  • Infographics can also be offered to to webmasters to be placed on their websites, which link back to your site.


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