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We build purposeful, innovative websites that are geared for success and look great across all devices. Combining a beautiful user interface with blazing speed and a focus on conversion is our company mantra.

Web design with SEO

We design websites that are built for success

Web design is about more than just how your site looks. It’s also about what the user sees and feels when they land on your web pages. The goal of web design is to make sure that your site meets or exceeds users’ expectations in terms of functionality, usability, and accessibility.

This means that you need to take into account not only the aesthetics but also search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has become an essential part of any successful web design project because it enables your site to be found by potential customers when they enter keywords related to your business online. All of our websites, regardless of size, are built with this in mind.

Web design with Good SEO
Mobile Responsive Web design

Optimised for mobile

Consistent performance across all devices

Statistics show that a whopping 57% of users won’t even recommend a business if its website shows up poorly on mobile. On top of that, users expect your website to perform just as good if not better than its desktop version.

To ensure the best website experience for your customers, we ensure all our designs are fully-responsive on both desktop and mobile. All functions of your website will be optimised and automatically adjusted for mobile devices.

Focused on conversion

Getting visitors to take a desired action is fundamental to good web design

One of the most important aspects when designing a website is conversion. Conversion, refers to people taking action after interacting with your site. This could be signing up for an email newsletter, purchasing a product or service on your site, downloading an e-book about your business, you name it.

Good web design should provide visitors with content that encourages them to take the desired action and make it as easy as possible for them to get there.

High converting website design

User friendliness

Effective web design equals good user experience (UX)

User experience is not just about site speed or graphic design, it’s the difference between a website that feels like it was designed by an expert and one that just doesn’t.

If you want to take your business to the next level, then you need to set yourself apart from the competition with a clean user-friendly interface.

Easy content management system

We use WordPress the worlds favourite CMS platform

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) and blogging engine, written in PHP and distributed as open-source software. WordPress is extremely versatile and can accommodate many content types. It was originally designed for blogging, but has evolved to be used as a full content management system. This powerful platform is as appropriate when designing a small website for a tradesmen as it is for a large corporation.

There are plugins that extend the core functionality of WordPress to enable the designer to create almost anything, but often it’s the simpler designs and layouts that are the most effective in many ways.

WordPress is the ideal platform for SEO endeavours and the easiest interface for the client to master when it comes to handover time from designer to business owner.

Web Design using WordPress